Do you practice what you preach?

It’s a common occurrence that I’m sure most people find asking themselves from time to time….

I wanted to talk about it in relation to my up coming workshops….

As I live with a mind that is always interested in learning and developing, I find may self emerged in workshops/training courses and reading many a varied “lessons” on motivation, behaviour, confidence and self help ways of thinking/development.  I consider it to be  something that will add flavour and interest to both myself and the courses that I offer.

One constant in my life is my passion for helping others….and it’s not just something that I enjoy, it’s also something that I’m frequently told people have noticed about me and have also enjoyed benefiting from. I do take this as a positive yes…….however what I find really interesting is how difficult it is to apply the advice/ help that I give to others – to myself!!

It’s actually happened a fair amount of late as I have been promoting my workshops…..I’ve seen other people frequently promote their work, and have felt great seeing what other people have to offer…….There are those who post every single day with openings and availability of their sessions….and then there are those like me who post occosionally….and as Im one of the latter, I can smell the fear in some of their posts.

My advice to them is just to go for it…..and that only those who aren’t interested may find the posts “annoying” or a little too frequent……however I also advise that this point can apply to anyone who makes posts about anything…..there will always be things that a person is interested in….and also always things that they aren’t…..but when did you ever feel really aggrieved at someone’s  posting activity??

Let’s put this into a realistic perspective….does it really matter that not everyone likes all of your posts? Should it bother you enough for you to not talk about something that you’d really like to…or infact need to post about?

Have a think….and really be honest…….ask yourself those questions…and if you think the information you are sending out there is from the heart, with good intentions and will offer appeal to enough people then…post away….

These of course are only my thoughts…..however they are feelings that I truly believe in….and ones that I’m going to try really hard to follow through myself….


Time will tell now….Ha….I’ve said it out aloud ….I’ve put it in print…..(again there’s another one of my tips…once it’s out there….the pressure is on!)….Sometimes speaking out about something can bring a really positive outcome…..

I heard this sentence again the other day……and it’s one that I particularly like and agree with when I hear/read it:

”What do I need to do to get what I want?”

Simple…..and sweet…..(and also 11 words that can bring so much clarity through clever planning, goal setting and therefore hopefully positive outcomes!)


So here’s to “Practicing what you preach”….call it a slightly belated NY Resolution! Get it out there……work out what you need to do to get what you want…..and then just do it!


“Practice what you Preach”




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