More than just a musical experience ….

To say that I was dumbfounded last week after sharing the talents of Jools Holland and his various exceptionally talented musician friends feels somewhat of an understatement.

The master of the keys is undoubtedly an expert in his field….and he’s also a rather unassuming character that makes it even more pleasurable to bit part of his audience.

Apart from a jam packed three hours of music with his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra and a glistening line up of guest artists, I also felt like I’d been treated to an evening of goodness aswell as Jool’s Greatness!!!

Why you may ask? ……Well the answer is very simple. The world it seems…..( well on that night at least)….is not such a bad place…..People are not all bad…..infact quite the opposite….

I took my Dad to this show as a treat from my Brother and I for his Birthday in August. (It was already set out to be an emotional evening,  as my Dad and I are “Tuned in” to say the very least, and it’s both our passion for music and deep emotions  that bring such a strong bond between this wonderful man that I am privaledged to have as my Father……)

Over recent years my Dad has begun to show signs of a condition that have brought many a tear to my eyes….(and to my dear Mum and Brother also). It’s something that we are having to deal with now on a day to day basis, and breaks our heart. However on this particular evening….despite the worries I may have had in taking care of my Dad in unfamiliar territory, and taking him into the hectic festive sights at the Christmas markets, what I found was a real sense of care, compassion, generosity and goodness…

Not once did I have to shield my dad who is now a little slower than his norm…..and not once did I have to ask some one to be more courteous, or feel that the world we live in is a dangerous one.  What I experienced was rather magical on all levels.  The music became almost insignificant to me ( as marvellous as it was)….because what I gained from enjoying seeing people respect my fathers slow demeanor, and my obvious protection of him, was an overwhelming feeling that people actually cared…..and noticed that not everyone is capable of dashing around at 100 miles per hour, and that some people need a little extra help.  I can count at least 6 occasions on that evening where  different individuals clearly went out of their way to help Dad…..and I…..I’m still rather emotional thinking about it…..yes we have terror attacks, arson attacks and worldwide issues…but sometimes it’s worth reflecting….taking a step back and looking at day to day life in general.  What does that bring? It’s not all doom and gloom I can confirm that for sure.  Society and the human race are varied, complicated and at times dangerous,  however the world is also full of good hearted, kind and considerate human beings who are more than happy to lend a helping hand.  Recognition  of goodness is frequently hidden or held back…’s generally the bad new that makes the headlines…

If this note was to make the front pages, and those people last week were to be applauded for their simple acts of kindness, maybe our belief in human nature and society would bring an increasing number of believers that the world is not such a bad place….

Anyway….over and out for now….

Still feeling festive….I hope you are..especially with the White stuff coming down! X




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