The Corporate World


The word Corporate can conjure up a whole host of emotions………some will enthuse and feel a surge of excitement upon hearing such a word….others however may feel themselves crawling into a corner…..

If you were to look to define the word, you would discover a whole manner of definitions …however the overall definition is something like this:
” A large company or group authorized to act as a single entity ”
“Relating to a large company, business or group.” …. an example being such as: ‘airlines are very keen on their corporate identity’

So why…if it’s that straight forward can the thought of working in a Corporate environment, reduce one person to tears, yet fuel someone else into a world of excitement and bring them such wonderful feelings and a real sense of belonging?

It’s an observation I myself made recently.. As an Actress an Presenter I’ve worked in the Corporate field throughout my whole career, and more recently in my training work, it’s something that I realise there is a huge market for. (Interestingly I’ve worked in a training/coaching capacity for many corporate clients without even thinking about it……They have called for my guidance/training, and I’ve been there!)……

So why…(not so long ago), did I literally feel my pulse increase a little and my mouth dry a little also, when I was asked to present and host a conference/ceremony to a room full of Businessmen and women from a large CORPORATE organisation????

The criteria was simple, and I was very happy understanding what the client required……I knew how to get to the location, I knew how many people would be there, I was fully prepared….and I had done it all before……

So why on this occasion did I feel a little perturbed about what was an important job for me, and also one that paid very nicely too!?

After much analysis of my own behaviour, and thinking back into how I would help one of my own clients in this very situation, I decided to take myself through my very own personal coaching/training session…

Odd as it may seem…..I was my own coach for 2 hours…..

I set a time and date in my diary to have this two hour session …..I even agreed with myself, that if after an hour I needed to rearrange the second hour then that would could be arranged!)

I also recorded the session so that I could self analyse once I had finished!

The results…….well again for me it’s echoed time and time again in everything that I know and live my life by now (well at least I try to)…..It’s certainly advice that I either give or “tease” out of many a client when I feel it’s what is required!)……

Confidence, self belief….omitting limiting thoughts, and making sure that recurring thoughts cease by means of a plan of action……These are all techniques that if people aren’t aware of they don’t even know they exist, or care so many limiting problems. When I say “Plan of Action”, I don’t mean one that involves a quick passing thought in the mind……but a well planned, specific, personal and detailed plan of action that can get you from A to B!……and ideally within a timeframe!

So my raised pulse and dry mouth it seems, had nothing to do with the word “Corporate”…..(just as if I worked in a Corporate company Full time….the words “Self Employed ” may have had just the same effect on me)…..

It’s my words above in italics that mattered……they are the ones that can take me anywhere once I realise how what happens in both my conscious and subconscious mind, can at times throw everything totally out of proportion! As Einstein famously quoted ” The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results”…..They are similar thought processes…..

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