Walking and Talking

“What at the same time?” I heard the presenter say. It’s a common concern for some, and when I say some….I mean those that haven’t done their homework!!!
The “homework” being……to LEARN THEIR LINES. Too may people have made this mistake along their journey I’m sure – it’s one that is easily done…however if you have done your homework, (and that is to absolutely know your lines INSIDE OUT)…..then things like adding in a walk……a gesture….a turn on a certain word…..hitting a specific mark on the floor etc etc will come with ease….

If you haven’t learnt those lines …..well it will be clear to see…..AND you’ll end up costing the production company money as you waste their valuable time.

Countless people can be involved on a shoot…and if you’re the one up front….fluffing your lines because the Director has asked for something you didn’t quite expect AND you haven’t got that dialogue well and truly in your mind then it’s a rocky road to….well not being asked back to be honest!!!

So that’s it…clear & simple….know your lines….INSIDE OUT, BACK TO FRONT…I still to this day test myself with music playing in the background….and all sorts of other things that could distract me….and then if I can still nail the dialogue, I know I can do whatever else is asked of me on the day!

It’s hard enough to even meet a casting Director these days……so don’t throw away what could be a repeat booking by ruining your own reputation. It’s your job to know every single word….end of!……and if you do, then not only will you do a great job but you will also LOVE IT!!!!
Hope that helps…Nichola x

Check out this recent TV ad where “walking & talking” really came into play! (Wind, rain, sleet and very cold hand/feet to deal with too)!


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