How to behave!

After many years of procrastination about this…I’ve finally decided with the help of my very best friend to let off some steam and share some of our inner most thoughts, experience and observations on behaviour. I often wonder why other peoples behaviour makes me feel so much. Maybe it’s covid related and having more time to think – or maybe it;s just getting older and really noticing the power of behaviour and how it can be a game changer in terms of how behaviour can make people feel or react.

When we talk about bad behaviour we as humans tend to get rather frustrated to say the very least. Infact our behaviour can become quite interesting once we begin to vent…… Peoples behaviour and attitudes are frequently issues that make me either react or talk about on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. For both positive and negative reasons. It’s the latter thought that makes me want to talk…..and talk!.

Now of course as a species, we as humans have so many different layers to our personalities and so many different stories, morals , values and experiences that make us behave with people in very different ways. I could go on – however I’m going to pause here and let this be the introduction to this new journey of discussion and observations…..please feel free to offer some of what you observe, how you behave, and ultimately how all of that makes you feel.

ps one final note: A question in – fact – “Is it because of how we feel that we behave in a certain way, or it it because of how others behave that we feel a particular way?”…..For me I think it’s possibly a cyclical thought process……but I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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